Pusa Pack

Definitive residue reduction system

What is it?

A revolutionary discharge system developed and patented worldwide.

With Squiz you can drastically reduce waste that traditional systems have not achieved until now.
Impressive results are accomplished by combining the Squiz operating principle and our special liner bags.
When developing Squiz, one of our main goals was to design a system that could accommodate existing collapsible container fleets, offering end users freedom and not forcing them to change their existing owned or leased units.
This was very important because other systems require special containers and force users who cannot use other alternatives.

Main advantages

Best results

Without special container. Standard units can be used

Fully automatic

Improves operator ergonomics

Same results in every download

Full stainless steel construction

Mobile and compact. Little space is needed

Operated only by air


Using Squiz dramatically improves costs by reducing the enormous amount of waste inside the liner bags.
Apart from the cost of the packaged product that can be saved, it is also important to highlight the reduction in the amount of waste to be treated and the costs that this implies.
Squiz is a true green option that also improves operator ergonomics.

How does it work?

Easy working principle
A simple system that rolls and squeeze the bag.
The ease of the system also offers a very low level of maintenance.
Plug and Play configuration; only need a separate air supply source.

Real Savings

Comparative chart
Hereby a chart showing different results with existing methods to reduce residue


System Manual Wringer Air Assist Liners SQUIZ
Operation Manual Manual Automatic
Mode Assisted by Operator No operator needed No operator needed
Energy N/A Air Air
Liner Model Standard Special Special
Liquids Recomended Flowable

Non cavitating


Non cavitating

Very Good
Results -Depends on Operator performance

-No constant results

From 30 to 10 kilos


-Good results with very liquid products

-Poor results with médium density products and no possibility with heavy viscous products.


Results are repeated in any product type
Real Test with a product > 3000cps 18 Kgrs 21 Kgrs 2 Kgrs
Real Test results with a product >60000 cps 30 Kgrs 24 Kgrs 4 Kgrs


Increase benefits by reducing residues

Tested with products of the most diverse characteristics and based on real experiences of customers who have been able to increase their profits due to very significant savings.
We have calculation tools that will show you the efficiency of the system and the rapid rate of return on investment.

A solution for everybody

Whether automatic or manual, there is a Squiz for you.
We can also adjust Squiz to specific situations or adjust them to special discharge conditions.
Ask for a test and you will be convinced immediately.